Many, many thanks to all of you for all of your help yesterday.  You all worked so hard to make this event successful and run smoothly. I think that everyone was glad to get together again and have an opportunity to compete in this wonderful sport and socialize with old friends.

I have attached the results from yesterday below and I will be sending them to Special Olympics so that it may help with their seeding for the Pleasanton competition.

These competitions would be much more difficult without the wonderful collaboration that exists with Sacramento County Therapeutic Recreation Services.  We would especially like to recognize their support.

I would also like to recognize the Carmichael Kiwanis who have provided lunch for us for over 30 years, Ron Melvin and his crew who have been arranging referees for us for so many years and CERT that attends our events and is always ready with First Aid and smiling faces.

As you all know we are a 100% grass roots volunteer organization and our funds are dwindling.  We hope to activate some fundraising.  Please encourage your supporters to go to our facebook page and help with our current medal fundraiser – we just spent $3000.00 on medals. We will be contacting you as we plan other opportunities and hope that you will spread the word.  We hope to register for the Big Day of Giving in May.

I look forward to seeing all of you at our future events.  Look out for basketball in February.